Disneyland Pressed Penny Mobile Application

Find and log all of the Disneyland pressed pennies using your iPhone or Android phone—no paper needed!

Several pressed coins from Disneyland

Collecting pressed pennies (also called elongated coins) is a fun and inexpensive way to create mementos from your trip to Disneyland in California. There are even a few machines that will press nickels, dimes, and quarters. Many web sites offer paper checklists you can bring with you, but by following the directions below, you can install an interactive Disneyland pressed coin app on your iPhone, or install it as a web-based smart phone app for Android or Blackberry.

This app will allow you to mark ahead-of-time which coins you want to get while you're at Disneyland, and then let you log each coin as you find and make it. You can even use the mapping feature to see where you are compared to the location of the coin press machine!

Coins in the app are sorted by park as well as the location in the park. You can also look at a list of elongated coins you've already found as well as coins you are still hunting for. Just a touch of the screen allows you to mark coins as found.

Android Users! — You can use this application! Just select your "Browser" icon, go to the URL in Step 1 (http://www.hyliston.net/iphone/disneyland-pressed-coins), and then select "New Bookmark". In the future, you can use this bookmark to go to the Disneyland Pressed Coins app, and it will remember your selections. You can ignore the rest of the steps that are specific for the iPhone app.

Here are the steps to install this web-based application on your iPhone:

1. Navigate to the Application

Web Site of Disneyland Pressed Coins Application

Use the Safari web browser on the iPhone and then navigate to http://www.hyliston.net/iphone/disneyland-pressed-coins.

You can try out the app here, but once you install it on your home screen, you will have more screen space to see more of the pressed coins at one time. Remember that any coins you mark on one computer/phone/tablet cannot be transferred to another one. Be sure to mark the coins on the device you'll have with you in Disneyland.

At the bottom center of the screen, click on the bookmark icon ( Bookmark Page ), or in some versions of Safari, this button looks like a plus sign ( Bookmark Page ). Either way, touch this button.

2. Add the Disneyland Pressed Coins to your Home Screen

Screen Shot of Adding to Home Screen

A new menu will appear. Your list of choices may be slightly different than the list to the left.

Tap the "Add to Home Screen" button.

3. Name the Disneyland Application

Screen Shot of Naming the Disneyland Pressed Coins Application

This is the last step! On the last screen, you will get a chance to name your new application.

The default name is "Disneyland", which fits nicely on the home screen. Feel free to change it to another name if you'd like.

Once you have a name you like, touch the "Add" button in the top right corner.

4. Your New Home Screen

Screen Shot of the Disneyland Pressed Coins Button

The Safari window will disappear, and your home screen will appear. Now, to use the Disneyland Pressed Coins application, just touch the pressed penny icon. You'll never need to go back into Safari again to use the application and track your Disney pressed coins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mickey with trumpet pressed quarter souvenir
Why did you write this app?
It's just a hobby. I've been writing several tracking apps lately.
Why isn't this in the Apple iStore?
An Apple developer's license costs [too much] money. I'm just this one guy, and am letting people use the app for free. I didn't really want to spend much money on writing it or time learning a new coding language.
The map seems a bit off, can you fix it?
Some of the coordinates are approximate. I do not live in California and do not have access to perfect GPS coordinates. Plus, they do move machines regularly. The app should still get you into the correct general vicinity, though. If you can determine accurate coordinates, please email them to me, and I'll be happy to update the app.
What information are you collecting about me?
Information about your coins is kept locally on your phone/device. DO NOT ERASE YOUR WEB STORAGE DATA. There is no database/repository of everyone's coin data. I use Google Analytics to track usage, but all that data is in aggregate. I know nothing about you personally.
Could you make your app do X?
I'd love to hear from you! But remember, I'm just one person. Here are some items I'd definitely like to receive via email and have your permission to use:
  • Corrections of any mistakes I have with the coin locations, based on your own observations
  • Your own photographs of elongated pennies, nickels, dimes, or quarters you made at Disneyland
  • Exact GPS coordinates of the various press machines
You can reach me at apps@hyliston.net with any comments or questions.

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